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Dear community language schools principals and staff

Please find below a further update regarding the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in relation to CLS. This advice is effective as at 18 June 2021.

In line with the Department’s latest School Operations Guide and the Victorian public health advice:

  • CLS staff and secondary school students aged 12 or older must carry a face mask at all times and wear a face mask indoors when at school, unless a lawful exception applies. Face masks are recommended to be worn outdoors where physical distancing of 1.5m cannot be maintained.
  • CLS staff, students and parents (who enter a mainstream school) are required to check-in using the school’s QR code. This applies to non-school venues as well. Where a QR code is not available, an alternative record keeping system must be used. (Please note, attendance rolls do not replace the QR code check-in system)

CLS should continue follow the COVID-safe principles for schools which set out important measures for reducing COVID-19 transmission risk, including promoting outdoor air ventilation, facilitating regular hand hygiene and ensuring unwell students do not attend their CLS class if they are unwell.

Kind regards

Community Language Schools Funding Program


All staff and parents must check in with QR-Code on entry.

  1. Open the camera or the QR reader application on your smartphone.
  2. Point your camera at the QR code to scan the QR code.
  3. A notification will pop-up on screen.
  4. Click on the notification to open the website link.
  5. Enter your contact details. 
  6. Select ‘Check in’.
  7. A confirmation will appear on your screen when you’ve successfully checked in.

Школа работает по расписанию.

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